GDS offer all types of drilling from hand held coring to large diameter down hole hammer. We have specialist equipment to suit all sites and guarantee solutions for the most difficult of drilling needs.


We have a fully licensed water bore drilling operator for water bores in New South Wales and the ACT. From drilling to find water to full installation of the casing, we can help you with water bores. We are also able to refurbish blocked or low producing water bores..

Down Hole Hammer

Our 12 inch hammer for large diameter holes (450mm in diameter). Down the Hole Hammer drilling is a piling system wherein a percussive bit is utilized and fitted to a rotary drilling rig using high pressure air compressors to drive the hammer whilst drilling. It is one of the most efficient methods to drill through hard rock strata.

Investigation Drilling

We have both hand portable coring rigs and small mini excavator as well as on a number of our track mounted drill rigs to cover a wide range of investigation drilling requirements. We can supply core trays and send the samples to nominated testing agencies or give to the client for their own use.

Earthing Electrodes

We are able to drill, supply and install earthing electrodes. We are ideally set up to install replacement sacrificial earthing electrodes for service stations using our small PSM5 hydraulic drill rig.

Limited Access / Hand Portable Rigs

GDS have the capacity to customise our equipment to suit your particular project. Our man-portable drilling equipment can be carried to the work site and allow us to drill in difficult to access and low head room site locations. The Wynyard Walk project was such a case where our equipment was carried down flights of stairs to work in otherwise inaccessible area

Micro Piles

Micro-piling involves the drilling of small-diameter piles. It is a cost-effective and efficient means to overcome a variety of construction requirements such as underpinning foundations, enhancing mass stability and transferring loads. Micropiles are mostly constructed from a high strength steel casing, with a central reinforcing bar, drilled and installed into the ground.