Ground Stabilization

GDS are a leading provider of ground stabilization solutions. Our systems are tailored to the most complex of projects and ensure safe and efficient strata and ground works.

Bolting / Pinning

We offer a wide range of pinning and bolting solutions for ground stabilization works.

Shoring / Walers

Shoring and Wallers are designed to stabilize a building, structure or trench with shores where there is a risk of collapse or during construction.


GDS underpinning systems strengthen the foundation of an existing strata or building structure.

Shafts / Tunnels

GDS are experts in anchoring in confined spaces. Our specialty man-portable equipment can be utilized by GDS technicians in the most difficult and hard to access sites.

Sea Walls

GDS are experts in stabilizing structures within close proximity to water. Our engineers assess the site and Sea Wall requirements to design a stabilizing system where restoration can be completed and where safety is paramount.