GDS complete earth stabilization works in offering specialist equipment, techniques and highly trained professionals to help you achieve optimal results in concrete spraying.

Retaining / Shoring Walls

Shotcrete application for shoring, slopes and walls has faster application, greater versatility and generates less waste.

Slope Stabilization

GDS engineer stabilizing systems using rock/soils nails, differing types of reinforcing mesh drainage and shotcrete to achieve slope and soil stabilization.

Drains / Culverts

Shotcrete offers mobility and is an efficient permanent method for rehabilitating deteriorating culverts, lining drains and water channels.

Road / Rail Embankments

Concrete spraying of Road and Rail embankments is extremely cost effective compared to formwork. Unlike Blocks, almost any shape can be achieved with less people and in an efficient space of time.

Dam Spillways

Shortening is perfect for free form structures and curved walls where pre-cast and blocks are unsuitable. In areas where waterproofing is required like Dam spillways, spray concrete can also be pumped onto walls covered with waterproofing membrane.

Tunnel Roof Support

Shotcrete is ideal for overhead applications and curved surfaces in roofing and tunneling. GDS use handheld and robotic spray equipment to achieve quality architectural finishes.